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TT Pubs font family

TT Pubs font family

TT Pubs font family
36 .OTF | multilingual | ciryllic | prew | 13 MB

TT Pubs font family
TT Pubs font family

The TT Pubs font family includes two sub-families: the elegant modern serif and its sophisticated stencil version. Both versions are thoroughly thought through and are self-sufficient, but thanks to their mutual ancestor they look perfectly together and complete each other! The underlying design principle is the logic of pointed pen writing, and the form of separate elements and serifs is composed of the simplest geometric forms.
Each sub-family implements 9 weight styles with true italics; TT Pubs family includes 36 typefaces in total. Each typeface includes 700+ glyphs and contains a full small caps set along with a large number of Latin ligatures. Broad support of OpenType features (sups, sinf, numr, dnom, tnum, onum, pnum, case, smcp, liga) is implemented in the TT Pubs, which allows for easy set up of the font family for different tasks. TT Pubs is perfectly suited for use as a display type, as well as for more intricate application!

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