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Divi Den - Pixie Bundle UI Kit - Fabulous Divi UI Kits And Layouts

Divi Den - Pixie Bundle UI Kit - Fabulous Divi UI Kits And Layouts

Divi Den - Pixie Bundle UI Kit - Fabulous Divi UI Kits And Layouts

With the Pixie Bundle the question we asked ourselves was: ‘What would a web designer find really useful?’. What would make a web designer’s life easier and how can Divi Den help a designer work more efficiently and be more profitable? We looked at what a client might ask a web designer to deliver on. Divi Den’s creative director reflected on her 20 years experience as a web and print designer and compiled a list of items a client with a brand new business might ask for from a web designer. PSD Files: 93 units which are: 3 Blog Modules 12 Blurb Modules 3 Call to Action Modules 3 Contact Forms Modules 26 Content Modules 3 eMail Optin Modules 6 Footer Modules 10 Header Modules 5 Number Counter Modules 7 Person Modules 3 Pricing Tables Modules 1 Value Tabs 9 Testimonial Modules 2 Filterable Portfolio Module Pre-built Page Pack 20 page samples ... 19 Business Tools: 5 letterhead templates (MS Word Doc) 4 business card designs – (PSD) 1 branding mockup – (PSD) 1 powerpoint – 36 Slides – (MS Word Doc) 2 creative brief templates. 1 x logo and 1x website – (MS Word Doc) 1 proposal template – 10 pages – (MS Word Doc) 1 sitemap template – (MS Word Doc) 1 invoice template – (MS Word Doc) 1 web design contract – (MS Word Doc) 1 quote template – (MS Excel Spreadsheet) 2 pre-development web design checklists – (MS Word Doc) Social media sharing templates. See breakdown below. 30 Facebook card templates – (PSD) 30 Instagram card templates – (PSD) 30 Pinterest card templates – (PSD) 30 Twitter card templates – (PSD) Icons – 105 custom made icons – (PSD/SVG/PNG)


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